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Welcome to our homepage, we invite you to look at our extending array of products.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer Christian artists and writers the opportunity to publish and sell their products at low costs 

Company Info

We discovered that many established companies refuse to take the effort to look at the works of starting artists, even if it is excellent. We decided to offer these artists a way to publish and sell their material.

We believe in a powerful, maybe even radical and revolutionary revelation of God, through the Holy Spirit, and are looking for works that fit into this category. This could be in the form of a book, posters, photography, artwork and music. 

Through this concept we are able to offer quality works of art to our customers at very affordable prices, in this way all parties involved benefit.

Our way of publishing is by downloading the products. You will have access to our download through our secure server that will provide you a passkey protected document, i.e. a book can be read on your computer or from a 1 time paper copy printed from your printer. This way we can keep the production costs low and still offer you a range of excellent products

*Some of our products are also available in other languages, which info will be found on the page of each product.

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